I love this bar! I had been searching for a spot with friendly patrons and a simple menu. I was pleasantly surprised to find both AND an amazing Bloody Mary! It couldn't have been more delicious than if I mixed it myself. Burgers were juicy and the fries were crispy. Being a Packers bar I couldn't pass up the cheese curds which were equally tasty.


Allison G., Fort Carson, Colorado

I'm not well versed in the nuances of bar bars. There are restaurants with bars and there are bars with food. I typically don't got to many of the latter. Tony's is a bar bar and it is awesome. First off, if you are looking for a midwestern vibe with hockey, Packers, Leinenkugel and the like, Tony's is the place. Pickled eggs? Apparently that's a midwestern thing and Tony's offers them. Marble rye with butter and raw onions? Yep! It's a different world that I was unaware of, but I can't wait to return for more.

Jonathan B., Colorado Springs, Colorado

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